Don't Let Water Destroy Your Home

Learn about water mitigation in the Tullahoma, TN area

Has your home suffered a leak? Call Pearson Mold Removal of Tullahoma, Tennessee for water mitigation services right away. Ignoring water spills and leaks can lead to serious, long-term damage. Our team will find the source of the leak and repair it. Then, we'll assess the damage.

The sooner you set up a water mitigation appointment, the easier it will be to prevent water damage. Call 931-588-8683 now to arrange for a free initial inspection.

Why you need home waterproofing services

Why you need home waterproofing services

The best way to avoid future water damage is to waterproof your home. Pearson Mold Removal can seal your home from rain and flood waters. Our complete home waterproofing service includes:

  • Inspecting your home
  • Locating possible water entry points
  • Sealing all places where water could get in

Prevent expensive and devastating moisture damage by scheduling a home waterproofing service in Tullahoma, TN today.