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We handle mold testing in Tullahoma, TN

If you and your family are feeling sick at home, you could be suffering from hidden mold. To find out for sure, schedule a mold testing appointment in Tullahoma, Tennessee. Pearson Mold Removal offers top-notch mold testing services. We'll swab the area for microscopic mold spores, test the sample and give you a full report when the results come in. We can also collect air samples for airborne spores.

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When to call a mold testing company

When to call a mold testing company

Mold can take over your home before you're aware it's there. So, how can you tell if your home is host to this hidden fungus? Reach out to a mold testing company if:

  • You've recently had a plumbing leak
  • You're experiencing indoor allergies
  • You smell an unusual, musty odor

Pearson Mold Removal is a mold testing company in Tullahoma, TN with a sterling reputation.