Evict Mold From Your Home

Set up mold remediation services in Tullahoma, TN

If your assessment shows that mold is present, the next step is to start mold remediation. Pearson Mold Removal will identify the mold's location and begin destroying it. Once all visible mold is gone, we'll sanitize the area to kill the spores. We also offer water mitigation and waterproofing services to keep mold from coming back.

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How does mold removal work?

How does mold removal work?

Before you invite mold remediation experts into your home, you probably want to know how we'll rid your home of the fungus. Our mold removal team will:

  • Follow careful and customized safety protocol
  • Take extreme care to make sure the mold is eliminated
  • Make your home mold-resistant

The details of your mold remediation services will depend on a number of factors. Find out more by talking to a mold removal technician in Tullahoma, TN. Call 931-588-8683 today.